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sing for the summer

erika shepherd

a hack of 'as much as we can take'

to be played in person by two people, in the summertime, listening to the cicadas sing.

sit outside, if you can, or in a screened in porch, a tent, or somewhere you can hear their song.

do not speak in words, signs, or writing. you may speak to eachother only with your body language and in touch.

if the song of the cicadas is quieter than the white noise in your skull, join their song. make whatever noise you want; sing a scream like theirs in harmony, or sing your own song, at whatever volume matches the noise in your head.

if this would be too loud for your partner, you may take a little distance from them. stand nearby, but not so near that your song will hurt their ears.

when you feel like you've contributed enough to the song, or the noise in your head is a little quieter, you may stop singing. 

if you do not have cicadas where you are, first travel halfway across the country, or around the world, to find your partner where the cicadas sing.


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