Upcoming Content, Art, and the Exodus Companion pdf!

With the success of the Exodus kickstarter, I am pleased to announce new upcoming content for Exodus! We will be releasing three bonus playbooks, in addition to a re-release of the PDF version with the art by Emil N. Tót!

Nora Blake will be writing The Fallen: You remember flying. You were grand and powerful and you leapt to the heavens and soared without a care. That was a different time. Before the guns and the walls and the armored patrols. You fell a long way when you lost your wings. 

Sasha Reneau will be writing The Ophan: You make a joyful noise. You don't match what an angel is supposed to look like--by anyone's standards. Wheels encircle your ribs where wings might sprout; eyes, painted or blinking or lensed, peer out where feathers ought to be.

Riley Hopkins will be writing The Present: You hit your hand against the dashboard in rhythm to the song. The windows are down, your friends are singing. This moment is all you need. The past doesn't have anything you want to answer and the future can be dealt with tomorrow. This might not last long, but you're all here for now. 

The playbooks are still being written, but everything so far says that they will be an incredible supplement to the game!

Along with those, I will be releasing a bonus companion PDF from the road, of Quickstart scenarios, play tips, an additional bonus playbook (The Lover, based on the playbook from Feathers by Remi Permann), an essay on Transangelic Exodus, and more. You can expect the 1.4 update (with book art and updates), and the bonus PDFs, by May at the latest!

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